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Your home is possibly the biggest investment you have made in your life, it is only fair that you design the space in such a way that you love to spend time there. Your five senses are key to creating feelings that could either put you in an upbeat mood or drag you down. So it naturally follows that if you are able to please your senses with the things that you collect and display in your home, you will be able to create a personal space that you will love to relax in.
Consider the following ideas to create a living space that will be a haven, a place you cannot wait to get back to after a hard day's work.
Clutter is the Enemy
Yes, it is. The importance of getting rid of clutter in your living space cannot be stressed enough. It is quite easy to keep accumulating junk that you don't need thinking that someday in future you might need them. If your eyes are being treated to confusion and mayhem as you walk into a room, rest assured the feelings that the sense of sight generates in your brain is definitely not going to be pleasing.
There is a simple way by which you can get rid of clutter. Try putting things away for a week. If within the week you did not have to get the items back, you really do not need them. Get rid of them by either giving them away or throwing then out. You will be amazed at the sense of relief that you get by throwing junk out.
Buy Furniture for Comfort
A home is a place where you relax. It makes absolutely no sense to have stiff and uncomfortable furniture anywhere in your home. When you want to relax in front of the television, you need to sink into a comfortable couch rather than sit stiffly on a high backed chair. Your bed should also be chosen wisely. Remember that you spend one third of your life sleeping. Better get yourself a bed that is firm and comfortable. Buy the best quality furniture. This is an area of home decorating where you must spend as much as you can afford. Buy good quality, comfortable furniture that will last you a long time.
Color Your Life
By that we mean color your room the exact shade that you love. Changing the color of a room is the least expensive and most dramatic way of altering the look and feel of a room. Bright colors will pep you up and lift your spirits. Dark, somber colors will tone down a room. If you need a soothing atmosphere, choose a cozy, warm color. If you have a favorite color, nothing like it. Splash the room with bold strokes of your favorite color, on the walls, accessories and furnishings.
Let there be Light
Lighting is as important as color in creating a mood for the room. If you intend to do some reading in the room, better ensure that the room is properly ventilated during the day and well lit during the night. Perhaps you can also consider focused lighting if you do not want to flood the entire room with light. It is a good idea to install dimmer switches for Malvern all lighting because the intensity of lighting dramatically alters the mood of a room.
Surround Yourself with Personal Images and Items
A house becomes a home only when it is filled with things that speak to you personally. Decorate the room with photos of your kids, sweetheart, parents or others who are close to you. What better than being able to see the smiling faces of your loved ones as you glance around the room? They will bring happy thoughts and lift your spirits.
If you give serious consideration to the above ideas it is quite possible to create a room that you love to be in. Your home will become a haven that you long to come back to.